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Talkin' Tax - The Bryson Law Firm Discovery Process
Episode 727th October 2021 • Talkin' Tax • Cary and Angie Bryson
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In the latest installment of Talkin' Tax, Cary and Angie Bryson outline their robust, four-phased Discovery Process to efficiently and effectively address the tax issues of their clients.

Listen as Cary and Angie outline each of the four phases, beginning with a thorough onboarding session to gain a clear understanding on the issues at hand. From there, the Bryson team gets to work on the transcript analysis and a comprehensive financial review to further assess the situation.

Ultimately, this process is meant to leave their clients with various options of customized case plans to alleviate their tax concerns.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening episode that showcases the thorough work the Bryson team does for all their clients.


0:25 - Overview on the topic of the day

1:54 - What the Bryson Law Firm's Discovery Process looks like

3:30 - The onboarding process and the questions asked initially

6:31 - Managing client expectations and finding a common ground

8:45 - Beginning the transcript analysis on a given client

12:49 - The comprehensive financial review performed for each client

18:32 - Going over the various options for customized case plans with clients

22:56 - The importance of being current and compliant

24:57 - The perk of having options for tax resolution, not just one strategy

30:54 - Closing remarks

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