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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley EPISODE 114, 30th November 2020
TTB 114: Traveling Misfits and Rejects

TTB 114: Traveling Misfits and Rejects

Chapin is the creator of Misfits and Rejects, a travel podcast about the lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs and adventures. People who take that step toward the life they’ve always dreamed.

Inside the Episode:

  • (04:25): Chapin starts us off with how he fell in love with travel as a young surfer growing up in Newport Beach, CA. 
  • (15:00):Chapin brings us through his incredibly taxing 1 year trip traveling the world surviving on approximately $1 a day. After losing 30lbs and struggling to keep up with the nomadic lifestyle - he crashed. He struggled tremendously on this journey around the world, but as you can hear in this clip is still processing that experience.
  • (53:38): Chapin has found tremendous inspiration through the personal encounters he’s experienced while traveling. His platform @misftitsandrejects brings the stories of aspiring vagabonds, backpackers, and digital nomads to the forefront. Allowing these travelers the opportunity to share their story and inspire others to break free of the western grind and find peace and happiness while seeing the world.
  • (55:33): Rapid Fire Round! 

Learn More About Our Guest:

The Travelers Blueprint is more than just a podcast with consulting services that allow you to Become Your Own Travel Agent!