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Podcast Review Day, PodRevDay - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 16, 2nd May 2021
Popular Culture and Dating Podcast Recommendations with Dion (#16)
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Popular Culture and Dating Podcast Recommendations with Dion (#16)

He stops his friends from putting ketchup on hot dogs, is an avid bicycler (can you see the bike art in the episode art?)and listens to a lot of dating podcasts. What's not to love about Dion McGill, Host of Off the Beaten Podcast?

In this quick chat Dion shares his love of real people making great podcasting content. He went old school with Vinyl Cafe, geeked out with Nerd Cage Live, and commiserated with Erin of You're Such a Catch about the awfulness of dating. And wow, is this just the beginning.

Like many of our guests, Dion is a power listener. So much so that he keeps a podcast notebook where he jots down the podcasts that he wants to listen to and where he heard about them. That's dedication.

-Watch the live version of this interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/FTw3WO-dXgk

-Dion's podcast recommendations: https://www.podchaser.com/lists/favorite-podcasts-with-dion-mcgill-podcast-review-day-podca-107aDqV8nC

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Steph Fuccio, Founder of PodRevDay, www.podrevday.com and Host, Producer, Editor for all of the Geopats Podcast Network podcasts, www.stephfuccio.com/podcasts


Dion McGill, Off the Beaten Podcast: https://www.offthebeatenpodcast.com/