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Build Your Employer Brand In Engineering: Sarah Wells (Technical Director, Financial Times)
Episode 2124th June 2020 • Level-up Engineering • Apex Lab
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Do you want access to the best talent out there in the tech world? Obviously. This is why you need to build your engineering employer brand. You aren't Google or Netflix, you may not even become them, but you can make yourself visible in the right way to the right people, and you can get them into your organization. Learn pro tips from Sarah Wells, Technical Director at Financial Times!

In this interview we're covering:

  • Synchronizing the engineering brand coexisting with the company brand
  • The challenges of building an engineering employer brand
  • The key elements of a powerful engineering brand
  • The tools to build your engineering brand
  • The first steps to building your employer brand in engineering
  • Involving your employees in facilitating your brand
  • Keeping your employer brand consistent across different offices
  • Organizing an internal tech conference
  • The results of investing into the FInancial Times' engineering brand

Excerpt from the interview:

"The Financial Times came up with a list of cultural values about a year ago that we wanted to demonstrate. I attended a workshop with people from all over the company to figure out how to demonstrate these values. Some key values were creativity, trust and integrity; I focused on creativity.

I found it interesting that many suggestions coming from other departments were ones engineering had been doing naturally. The 10% days came up as an idea, but in product and technology, we've been doing 10% days for a long time.

This shows there’s a fit in our overall values, but each department ends up being specifically focused on their own area. We write software and operate systems, so that leads to inherent differences."

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