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THE46: You Have Six Months To Live... Now What?
Episode 4622nd January 2019 • The Hidden Entrepreneur Show with Josh Cary • Josh Cary
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Cathy Anello is an Author, a Certified Healing Intuitive, Host of the Podcast “Making Each Day Matter” and Co-host of the popular Blog Talk Radio show "Best Life Cafe." Her passion for spirituality and emotional health evolved naturally through her career in fitness and mind-body instruction. Her experience in leading classes and motivating people to strengthen their bodies through movement, their minds with meditation and humor led to her current career in broadcasting and writing.

Cathy spent 12 years working up to 50 hours each week in a highly stressful toxic work environment – In her last two years, job place harassment was at an all time high. This left her in a constant state of stress and anxiety. One twitter post proclaiming life had to change led to a journey of inner questions on how to live a more fulfilled life.

When she suddenly lost her job after standing up to the harassment, she unsuspectingly suffered from PTSD in its wake. This inspired her to spend the next two years finding her true self and gaining the inner strength to allow her to live a better life. Shedding all of the normal conditioned ways of life, Cathy allowed her seeking spirit to guide her – tackling the little things that she never had time to experience. Then she noticed a strange feeling – ALIVENESS.

An unavoidable passion for living life to its fullest. This sense of freedom permitted her to stop living a future life in her mind and discover the true meaning of living for today.

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