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David Black: What Is A Badass Bunyip?
Episode 3425th July 2021 • PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE • Kelly Mitchell
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S1: E34: David Black: What Is A Badass Bunyip?


Director David Black joins us from Australia to discuss his film Badass Bunyip, his upcoming Sci-Fe release on toxic alien babes, how bots and third world countries monitor Facebook, and everything that can kill you down under.

Special Guest

David Black - Actor, writer, producer, and director who started off his creative endeavors as a cartoonist by publishing his first underground comic, "Gooby" at the age of 17.

Time Stamps


[01:47-Meet David]

[44:24 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*COVID jacked up the film industry in Australia too

*The horror genre community is supportive, that is our superpower

*Bunyips are scary AF

*Moral of the story in scary movies = virgin always lives #keepyourdaughteroffapole

*Everything can kill you in Australia

*Drop bears are real

*Sometimes you have experience without knowing you do #alwaysbelearning

*Indie movies are cooperative, collaborative efforts- thank you

*Aussies don't publicize their bitch fights

*People in third world countries moderate Facebook

*David is truly a Socratic director and humble

*It pays to be famous-adjacent

*Badass Bunyip is a very 'Aussie' movie - brace yourself for cultural cringe

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