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The Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman - Part One
Episode 9221st June 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Performance is something we ALL do. We all show up in some role or environment in our lives to get a result. Empowered AF 2.0 is about YOU evolving as a MAN, not just in the context of separation and divorce, but in ALL things in your life. And to evolve, you need to change your mindset using TRIED and TESTED principles and strive for PEAK performance. This week’s guest has figured out a way to make these principles REAL and TANGIBLE and incorporate them into your life. 

Todd Herman is a performance coach for athletes, leaders, and public figures and the author of The Alter Ego Effect. He joins Mark to talk more about peak performance and what impacts it the most, as well as the concept of The Alter Ego and the role it plays in your performance. What does peak performance have to do with YOU as a man in the midst of separation or divorce? The answer is EVERYTHING. When you understand this concept, not only will you take it into your marriage, but also your business, family, and EVERY area of your life. In this episode, hear some of the alter egos Todd has helped build, how he has brought this method into people’s lives, and how YOU can use this concept to show up as the man you TRULY want to be in your marriage.

“If you are facing separation or divorce, there is an alter ego you need in order to show up.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- There is one main reason people employ an alter ego. Here’s what it is…

- Hear how Todd built out The Alter Ego Effect™

-  Find out what your field of play is and how to start showing up as you want to in it

- Todd shares one of the BIGGEST problems with the personal development and self-help world

- Discover the reason you DON’T know how to show up as a man and husband

- There is one tool that the best of the best have used to reach consistent levels of peak performance. It is this…

- Most people are not enjoying the results they’re getting in their life, but there is one thing they can control. Here’s what it is…

And much more…

Books Mentioned:

- Coaching the Mental Game: Leadership Philosophies and Strategies for Peak Performance in Sports and Everyday Life by Harvey A. Dorfman:

- The Alter Ego Effect™ by Todd Herman:

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