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Themes in Collective Healing
Episode 2125th February 2021 • Medicine Caller • Sophia Wise One
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Darlings! In this solo episode, Sophia discusses the themes that most of us encounter when doing personal healing that becomes consciously collective healing. Step inside the Training Ground with intimate teachings on how we invite a generative world into being. Come take a look at the importance of empowering ourselves through decision making. She shares a story of when she was communicating with the grandmothers and asking their permission. Sophia explains how what they said to her transformed her mindset. “You do realize the only beings you trust to grant you that permission are never gonna take that responsibility. Yes, you have the permission to live your own life. Always… Let us grant you permission to have access to you being the only person who has the right or the responsibility to grant herself that permission.”

In this episode, Sophia Wise One also expresses the value of basking in both needs and the needs being met. She mentions that, “A desire is the creative force, creating something, bringing something into being. A need is something that already exists that's on its way to you. And desire is something that you are literally bringing into being... summoning, taking this need wave and that need wave, this vibe and that course of energy, and bringing them into a new frequency... the creative desire is the sensation of calling in a new vibrational experience.”

Here’s a little glimpse:

  • How to give ourselves permission to live our own lives
  • How to experience self-care in a community
  • How to become available to receive what we desire
  • How to release the limitations people may attempt to put upon us

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Fire Woman Retreat is a unique four-day event designed to give us space to witness, explore and revel in our sexual natures, and to help women and non-binary folks break through the things that hold us back from being who we really are as sexual people.

The theme for this virtual event is Spiritual Transformation, Sexual Initiation & Power. The retreat is May 13-16 2021, so sign up now!

Fire Woman Retreat is unlike any other event: it is a combination of rich teachings, transformational healing, powerful rituals and group witnessing that allows for big personal & collective breakthroughs.

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About Sophia Wise One 

Sophia is on a mission to equip people with the skills of sanity. Through this lifetime body of work, she trained in over 20 different modalities including being a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Holistic Pelvic Care Provider™. Sophia has led thousands of people through healing ceremonies, group programs, and personalized intensives.


Sophia Wise One  00:00

Thank you love and welcome to Medicine Caller podcast. I want to invite you another layer deeper into the temple, we have a Patreon. And I would love for you to check it out. There are layers of support, and nourishment for people calling medicine and for people restoring the temple people healing together, I would love for you to come support this podcast, and be supported and even more ways to all my patreon members. Thank you, we are in this together. I appreciate you. I'm grateful. We'll talk soon. Consider yourself invited, check it out. And I invite you to join. Let's get on with the show.

Sophia Wise One  01:01

Intimate, wise and healing conversations with the people who are carrying us through this time of true transformation and complete rebirth. Welcome to Medicine Caller. We're visionaries share the real, the raw, the good and the holy. I am your host, Sophia Wise One. Let's journey.

Sophia Wise One  01:35

We call it. We are it. I hear the call. I know the call. I call the call. I am the call.

Sophia Wise One  01:53

We hear the call. We know the call. We call the call. We are the call.

Sophia Wise One  02:12

Hello and welcome to another episode of Medicine Caller. I'm your host, they call me Sophia Wise One and I am thrilled and honored to have you with me. I invite you to take a deep breath in and out as we get oriented for today's show. So what you were about to listen to is a segment of a training weekend that I did. It's the opening teachings for the weekend. The tone is soft and intimate. I am sharing and speaking with professionals that I had been working with for months already. 

Sophia Wise One  02:53

So we're kind of climbing into a nest. I'm inviting you to kind of climb into a nest as I share some teachings and reflections on themes and collective healing, talking about self care, and what it is to do self care in community, I'm talking about the intersection between calling medicine and holding space for others and feeling into our own selves. 

Sophia Wise One  03:19

I offer teachings on needs and desires and the intersection and our spiritual path. And I discuss the mother wound. And I don't say it here in the recording because we're already very clear on it inside the training ground program. That's where this segment is from that the mother is not a gendered term, though there are associations that come with being socialized female, or high feminine associations, the mother itself is an archetype. 

Sophia Wise One  03:50

So just to name that specifically, before you listen to it. I'm not talking about a small version of mother I'm talking about the big, which can come in many bodies in a lifetime, and many forms in a lifetime. So we don't only have what most of us don't only have one mother. So that's one point of clarity. 

Sophia Wise One  04:12

So I invite you to take a few breaths give yourself permission to receive what you need in this time and to open to the transmission level of this conversation. It is sharing deep reflections from my own preparation of what it is to step into a ceremony or healing space for your own honing your own cultivation of your medicine. So already my tone is a little bit stronger and a little bit different as I'm introducing this show to you. 

Sophia Wise One  04:45

So I'm just going to invite you to take three deep breaths. Give yourself permission to unravel some way of knowing that reveals a deeper, truer and always more kind of being. Welcome to the opening segment of the training ground.

Sophia Wise One  05:14

So this weekend, steam has shown many faces to itself, right. So if there's this like energy or vibration or sense of knowing sense of medicine calling. This medicine that's been coming in that I've been feeling, it's, it's kind of been showing different faces to itself, of itself to me. And the first one that comes to mind is the theme of everything always that we're doing, which is self care. 

Sophia Wise One  06:11

It's just knowing how to care for ourselves. And so, so it's an exercise of deep listening and discernment. Because there's an invitation and an opportunity to be deeply cared for yourself being cared for and held in the space. And if you need something different from what this is, the ability to say yes, and give that to yourself, whether that means stepping out and taking some time, or going for a walk or taking a nap, eating some food, like that's, this is the recurring theme of the way in which I'm interested in not only calling medicine but living my life, every day, is a sense of authority and autonomy over my one precious life. 

Sophia Wise One  07:11

Like permission slip granted to be the authority over your own life, right? And the invitation over and over again, is to write that permission slip for yourself as many times as you need it. Just be like, Oh, that's right, I get to say, Is this okay? 

Sophia Wise One  07:34

Reminds me by communing with the grandmothers this fall and asking them for permission? Is it okay if I do this? Is it okay if I do that? And the way they just sat with me and they were like, You do realize the only beings you trust to grant you that permission are never gonna take that responsibility. Yes, you have the permission to live your own life. Always. Like that's what that is, like, let us grant you permission to have access to your being the only person who has the right or the responsibility to grant herself that permission. 

Sophia Wise One  08:14

And and there's also this piece another face as we kind of move around this theme, called many things, is this healing of one of the ways in which we've been colonized and indoctrinated and hurt and made really sick by undermining our ability to care for ourselves in a community. 

Sophia Wise One  08:59

There's really this kind of prolific assumption that when we need things we have to isolate. That needing something means you have to go away. So this is a deep place for us to practice a different thing as our queen right now lays her body down. 

Sophia Wise One  09:25

Right, blessings, Linda, thank you like this place of because it's like, she's not just laying down. There's a she's a permission, I can feel it. There's this like, the most important thing for me right down is to lay it down. Right? 

Sophia Wise One  09:42

And so, so the gift that we get when, when she does that here, when she doesn't have to go away, to let down the responsibility and this comes to ruin, shows its face in many ways. And one of the dominant kind of languaging, that's been really useful and lineage patterns is what is often referred to as the mother wound. And so there's this element of the mother wound that is a deeply you or me highly competitive, highly owed. And this notion of everyone else has to get taken care of first before I'm even allowed to know what I want or what I need or who I am.

Sophia Wise One  10:48

And so it is literally the flip, right? Like we are doing the radical 180 degree flip of that when we say my responsibility is to know myself. And then that's how I can be in like in integritas, care of those that I'm in relationship with. And so, it's helpful to remember that we're flipping these things to such a degree. Because we get it conceptually. And yet, we'll find sometimes we'll find ourselves in the middle of doing it. Because it's so habituated, it's so passed down.

Sophia Wise One  11:44

I received a text from my mother this week that said, Please don't worry about me, in response to a voicemail that I had left her offering help. And the first feeling that I had was a very clear, discerning feeling of, you're telling me how I feel, is that I'm worried about you, and that I offered you this help, because I'm worried about you. And I got to say to myself, and like be clear of just being like, that's not what was happening. That's not where I came from. 

Sophia Wise One  12:16

I don't need to buy into your story about how me being in relationship with you the way that I like cultivate my relationships is somehow this like, worry burden, that's your reality, like deep clarity, and was like, Oh, great, I don't have to take on the guilt of making her feel bad worrying about her, whatever, all the layers of that right. So it's like even just like this one little example, we can like start to see down these like trickle pads of where our energy like leaks into these subtle patterns, we lose our energy, lose our power, lose ourselves, like we could use these words interchangeable in this space. 

Sophia Wise One  12:53

And then I had this moment over the next couple hours where I had done a session the day before with a client and lab medicine sister of the training ground she like weaves into this space, frequently and in many ways. The woman who gifted the dress for the green Emerald dress, her name is Emerald. And she and has continued to gift us in many ways. Yeah, she's just she's woven into this time in this way. And she had done such profound mother healing. As a mother. 

Sophia Wise One  13:30

I held in this pelvic bowl space, this profound shifting of these patterns to her son and feeling the depth of her prayers and the trueness of releasing obligation in relationship as a grown woman grown adults to this other grown adult, like coming into this other way of being an energetic relationship. 

Sophia Wise One  14:00

And so I had this moment, the next day, after I got this text where I realized that I had an opportunity, which was I could also hear in my mother's statement, please don't worry about me. Oh, there's another piece that's really important to this. I went and I saw my bestie with her new baby. And she was talking about this experience of love, love of this baby. And more even than what she was talking about. I watched her touch and move and the clean diaper and Are you hungry and do you want to be bounced and you know this like what do you like? 

Sophia Wise One  14:48

And there's deep profound, deriving desire in this adult human friend of mine, where the most important thing in the whole world was like finding that need and meeting for this being. And I felt this mother's prayer of like, You're perfect. You're perfect this baby perfect. And in this moment what I heard when I heard the phrase, please don't worry about me was all the mother's prayers of I know I'm gonna f**k you up. And I don't want to I would do anything in the world not to if there was any other way to love you. 

Sophia Wise One  15:45

If there was any other way to love you like that prayer that like, please don't worry about me, please don't fill in the blank, please don't carry my burdens. Please don't take my burdens as your burdens. This like depth of prayer that is miraculous, because it's like, the prayer of like, if that's even possible, right, like, like, no, it's not possible. But the the beauty of prayer is that we don't need to decide whether it's possible or not. Right?

Sophia Wise One  16:21

And so that this, like mother's love prayer, and I had this moment as it came clear, not just my mother's, but the mother's prayer, where I made this decision. And I like said to spirit, I said to myself, I said, I'm willing to be the answered prayers of my mother. Like, I'm like, take away my worry. Like I said out loud, it was in the shower. I was like, okay, mom. And won't worry. I'll lay it down. 

Sophia Wise One  16:57

As much as that's scary. As much as that's not how I was raised. As much as that's not how we're programmed or told or as contrary as that is to so many parts in me. It's a prayer, and I'm willing to be the miracle. Like my willingness to be that miracle, to be that healed landscape of my mother's prayer, which is so different from the obligation or the conditioning of like, let me take care of my mother, let me take care of my mother emotionally. Let me take care of her mental illness. Let me take care of her sickness, let me take care of her loneliness. Let me take care of the grandmother lines that go on forever and ever. 

Sophia Wise One  17:37

And when did we lose our wisdom and our medicine practices? And if I can just make you feel better? And the why and the longing and the heart ache of if I can just like let me be enough. Because that's the other side to have like that, that that fold of like, if only I can be enough and make my mother happy. Only I can make my mother happy. Like what? And then that pang of like, why am I not enough? Like you love me so much. And I give you everything or I try to be everything or I express myself, I don't express myself, but none of it works. 

Sophia Wise One  18:17

Because, right, which means like, we all know, like in the conversation because like that's not how it works. We're that person that's just a person thing, right? Like people do all the right things. And we decided that day, whether or not we're going to be fed by what's being provided to us. You know, people say all the things we wanted them to say. And then we're like, it's not good enough. Right? 

Sophia Wise One  18:45

And so it's like, the freedom of coming into that reality of just being like yeah, and yet that longing. And I think that there's an element of our longing to heal the water and our longing to heal mama earth that can have an a similar pang to it. And it's the same prayer, I feel the same prayer from the planet of like, Don't worry about me. I am a fucking glowing star. That's millennials and then we'll go into Stardust, like, I have a heartbeat and like you will come and go as a species on this planet. 

Sophia Wise One  19:31

Don't worry about me. And I would love to have a relationship with you that I do have a - I do ever like the mother song of like I do have a relationship with you, even if you don't call me right like I do. And the wisdom and the intactness of of the earth and the part where we have this wiring of only I can be good enough or worthy enough so that the earth loves us. Loves me, so that I'm worthy of the food that I'm eating if I'm allowed to be nourished, or I'm allowed to be provided for, there's this similar wiring pang of a right to be. So this touches on some of the elements of the mother wound. It's like intersections of these pieces.

Sophia Wise One  20:25

And there's this other really big medicine piece that is really coming up in the healing of all of this, which is what we are up for what we're like down for, like what we're doing here is this weaving of another reality. Those of you who know Samantha Rice, we play her music, sometimes she's a really beloved dear friend of mine. And we were talking about it the other day, I was talking about spider woman and weaving, medicine and spider medicine, and weaving reality Queen of the cosmos. 

Sophia Wise One  21:05

And Samantha said, we're walking, and so much she was...