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Strategies to Building a Coaching Culture from Jo Wright
Episode 17026th June 2024 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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In this episode of Bridging the Gap, Matt Reiner engages with Jo Wright, a distinguished coach and author, to explore the transformative power of creating space and learning to say no. Jo shares her insights on how these practices can lead to significant growth by investing in people and fostering a coaching culture. She stresses the importance of leaders evolving from task-oriented roles to relationship-focused figures by asking open-ended questions, building trust, and empowering their teams to take ownership of solutions. This shift, she argues, is crucial for creating a thriving workplace environment.

Jo Wright recommends two pivotal books for understanding and implementing coaching principles: "The Coaching Habit" by Michael Bungay Stanier and "Life in Half a Second" by Matthew Michael Wicks. These books offer practical wisdom on coaching and personal growth. Jo also shares her journey from university to a career in coaching, emphasizing the value of focusing on people, building strong relationships, and maintaining a sense of curiosity. She addresses common misconceptions about coaching, such as its perceived expense, elitism, and the notion that it is not a manager’s job, advocating for coaching to be accessible to all organizational levels.

Key takeaways from the conversation include the need for leaders to invest in themselves and their teams by creating space for coaching and prioritizing essential tasks. Adopting a coaching mindset is essential, which involves asking open-ended questions and fostering an environment where employees feel safe and motivated to take ownership. Lastly, building trust through intentionality and authentic leadership is crucial, as it encourages honest feedback and supports a culture where individuals feel valued and driven to excel.

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