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#27 Liana Finck (The New Yorker): Pit bulls, Hawaiian tortoises, bread shoes
Episode 2730th July 2021 • Follow Friday •
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As a graphic novelist and cartoonist whose work regularly appears in The New Yorker, Liana Finck mostly follows other artists and illustrators. But she makes an exception when the person she wants to follow has impeccable taste — and maybe a pet tortoise.

"I feel very embarrassed to like stalk/follow people who aren't posting, to like peek into their lives," she says. "I do it with a few people, and then I unfollow them repeatedly because I'm embarrassed ... Instagram is kind of a little bit too close for comfort sometimes."

On today's Follow Friday, however, Liana opened up about four of her favorite follows: A "weird" animator whose cartoon sketches straddle the line between relatable and absurd; the stylish editor in chief of a prominent magazine; a poet and artist who calls Liana his "Insta-foe"; and a book cover designer who can seemingly do everything.

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