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The Art of Self Reliance - Dr. Rodney King EPISODE 30, 6th May 2021
Living a Life of Meaning - With Positive Psychologist Michael Steger

Living a Life of Meaning - With Positive Psychologist Michael Steger

In this episode I speak to positive psychologist Michael Steger

Michael is a recognized authority on meaning in life, purpose, happiness, psychological strengths, and positive psychology. His research on these topics has been published in more than 100 scientific peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. His books include Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace, Designing Positive Psychology, and the forthcoming Positive Psychology in the Business World.

His TEDx talk shared the idea that a meaningful life is in reach for everyone. He is a speaker who infuses passion, humor, and enthusiasm for the science of flourishing into each engagement. He provides keynotes and workshops to business executives, organizations, non-profits, educational institutions, professional organizations, community groups, and scholars.

His research interests center on understanding how people create a life worth living, and seeking ways to help people flourish and achieve well-being.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why it is so important that we focus on meaning and purpose IN life rather than the meaning OF life.
  • Learn about the research and evidence that experiencing a strong sense of meaning and purpose helps people thrive, even under stress and strain.
  • How to sidestep the grind of constantly pivoting from one emergency to the next and instead learn how to sustain motivation to pursue the right goals for the right reasons.

Find out more about Michael: