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Tips for a Joyful and Positive Holiday Season During Your Divorce
Episode 14th December 2020 • Divorce, Healthy! • Attorney/Author Ashley-Nicole Russell
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What we’ve been waiting for is finally here! We welcome you to Season 2 of Divorce, Healthy! Given the spirit of the holidays, and Christmas right around the corner, our host, Ashley-Nicole sincerely appreciates everyone that has come on this journey with her and the amazing connections made over the first season of the podcast.

On this episode of Divorce, Healthy! Ashley-Nicole welcomes you to embrace positivity with her and reveals how it is not only possible to move on after divorce, but to live a life of joy and purpose too. There is a new world when it comes to divorce, a world where people can solve their conflicts, feel peace, and feel comfort. The next phase of your life can be truly amazing if you let it be.

Ashley-Nicole shares a few insights on how children handle things versus how parents handle them. Remember, you are modeling behavior for your children, so be mindful of how you’re approaching conflict resolution. Even if you don’t have Christmas day this year, make the holidays wonderful for your children! (3:18) They will remember this experience and it will embed positive and joyful memories in them. Extreme negativity works the same way, so be mindful not to embed those negative memories. (4:43)

A few tips to make the holiday season into a positive and joyful experience for your family:

1.    Set a goal for how you want the holiday season to go. Are you drinking hot a chocolate in front of the fireplace? Are you ice skating? Do you go and get your Christmas tree together with your child? Keep that goal in mind and build a positive experience around it. (7:12)

2.    Maintain positivity. Make sure that whenever you're in the environment of your kids that you’re remaining positive. You can bet that getting angry about the price of the Christmas tree can sour that experience for your children. Stay positive and reframe your thoughts this holiday season. (7:48)

3.    Be a model for your children. In every action, you are modeling behavior for your children, so be mindful of how you’re approaching conflict resolution.  (8:24)

4.    Be introspective. Think about yourself, think about the scars you have from your holidays or the wonderful memories that you have from your holidays. And either recreate those wonderful memories or think about how you can rewrite it into a better way. (9:35)

If this was your first episode of Divorce, Healthy, we encourage you to circle back to where it all started in Season One!

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