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1.3 Storm Front: Pizza and Sporting
Episode 39th April 2021 • McAnally's Pubcast • Free Flow Rambling
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McAnally's Pubcast Namesake episode!

Episode 3: Pizza and Sporting

We've made it to the Dresden Files Podcast Episode 3: Pizza and Sporting, where we discuss Chapters 4-6 of Jim Butcher's Storm Front. Harry Dresden lands a job looking for an estranged husband, goes for a steak sandwich and gets a little help from a little friend.

Storm Front Chapter 4 Summary

Harry meets Monica, a well-to-do, timid housewife. She explains how her husband is not ‘mysteriously missing’ or anything, ‘just gone’. When asked why she doesn't go to the police or a private investigator, she explains that her husband’s recently gotten interested in ‘magic’. He has also recently lost a very good job at SilverCo Trading Company. Monica gives an obviously fake name for hubby and Dresden politely and patiently explains that he can’t help if she doesn’t give him some correct info to go on. They have a vacay house in Lake Providence, just inside Michigan, that Harry can look into, in case hubby has just run off to there. The husband doesn’t speak to anyone in his family, anymore, and he was only really friendly with people from work. Monica No-Last-Name gives Harry $500 up front, the address to the lake house, a pic of hubby (Victor Sells), and a creepy-ass little dried out scorpion talisman that wigs out Dresden a little (yeuch). Harry promises to call the moment he digs up anything, and Monica bolts. He quickly calls around to hospitals and morgues, as his first course of action, but there are no hits matching Victor.

Storm Front Chapter 5 Summary

Dresden heads to McAnally's pub. He discusses his doubts about a new street drug called ThreeEye that supposedly gives users second-sight. He is interrupted by Susan Rodriguez who is looking for a story for the Arcane. She convinces him to go on a date.

Storm Front Chapter 6 Summary

Dresden returns home to gather some supplies then drives to the lake house. He snoops around some, picks up a film canister, and then summons Toot-toot, trapping him in a circle, whom he asks if anyone had been around the lake house. Toot returns and informs Harry that there was a pizza delivery to mortals who had been 'sporting' and needed to recover their strength.

We excitedly bring you the episode Pizza and Sporting! Pull up a chair to the bar and have a listen!



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