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12. BTS From My 175k Launch with 100% Yeses
Episode 1220th December 2023 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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After a $175,000 launch of Reclamation, there is so much to unpack! I'll be honest, my first reaction wasn't celebration. My instinct was "we've got a lot of people to serve, let's get right to work." Sometimes when you get what you want, it takes your identity (and your nervous system) a second to catch up.

This is why I used the framework of Success Receipts to reflect on this launch - it's a tool used in Reclamation Mastermind to bottle up how you created any result so you can more easily repeat it.

What you celebrate, you integrate. So that's exactly what we're doing today! I'm taking you through some of the key questions my clients and I use to train our brains to understand - this is NOT a fluke.

Here are the exact results we're creating the receipts for:

  • 100% yeses
  • I mentioned 16 people at the time of recording, which turned into 17
  • 17 applications in the first 48 hours
  • 19 applications by the final day
  • $175,000 launch Co

And these are the key questions I'm unpacking about these results:

  • What key actions created your results?
  • What key decisions created your results?
  • What helpful thoughts did you have?
  • What did you surrender or STOP worrying about?
  • How did your perception of yourself change during this time (identity)?
  • Did you make any “identity decisions” during this time? (i.e. deciding something IS going to happen AND being detached from how or when)

During this launch, I've grown more acutely aware of the ways in which my work defies the expectations and "rules" of white supremacy. I have incredibly solid evidence that when you lead with values, you attract others that do as well.I'm so excited for you to tune in to today's episode! I think it's truly one of my favorite ones yet. So make sure to share the show on social media, tag me, and leave a review. It goes such a long way in helping others discover the show who may benefit from it.

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