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263: The Connection Between Myofunctional Disorders and Hormonal Health with Sara Mercier
Episode 26326th July 2022 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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Sara Mercier is a Certified Myofunctional Airway Specialist and has been practicing dental hygiene since 2014. Since being introduced to the world of myofunctional therapy and airway medicine, she’s changed her outlook on dentistry and what she could contribute to the field. As a myofunctional orthodontic patient herself from the age of 10, Sara has a particular passion for exploring how myofunctional disorders affect sleep, hormones, and autoimmune diseases such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

This episode was inspired by the journey I’ve been on to address my tongue and lip ties. I’ve gotten a lot of pushback since sharing my story, and I feel like I’ve stumbled upon an entire subculture of dental and oral health that most people are unaware of!


In this episode, we talk about why so many dental professionals don’t understand the effects of tongue and lip ties, why Sara is so passionate about myofunctional therapy for adults, the most important questions to ask potential practitioners, common orofacial myofunctional disorders, the benefits of myofunctional therapy, the connection between tongue ties and hormone imbalances, why your tongue affects the rest of your body, and so much more!

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