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Be the Love - Stacy Musial EPISODE 3, 5th July 2021
Soul Key Discovery with Abby Benjamin
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Soul Key Discovery with Abby Benjamin

In today's episode, Stacy and Sam discuss Soul Key Discovery and how to access our physic abilities with Abby Benjamin.

Abby spent her twenties navigating waves of spiritual awakening, while building careers in both entrepreneurship and the music industry. Though she had many successes, she eventually felt her soul had a different calling - one that serves people in a direct and transformative way. Now, she’s merged her career background with her intuitive abilities to help others come into alignment with their soul mission through coaching, psychic training, and business mentorship.

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Website: https://mirrorofmemory.com/

***Abby is offering a 20% off a Sacred Alignment Session to all Be the Love Podcast listeners! If you would like to set up a session with Abby, please email her at abby@mirrorofmemory.com and let her know you are a Be the Love Podcast listener***

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abby.benjamin.77

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