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The Hummingbird Project Therapeutic Activity Program with Kari Rogenski, LMFT
Episode 2325th October 2021 • Life on Repeat: A Dementia Caregiver Podcast • Laura Vaillancourt
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You will love listening to this podcast interview with Kari Rogenski, LMFT about the program she created that focuses on bringing joy and meaning back to the lives of older adults: The Hummingbird Project

Something I feel so strongly about is supporting our older adults in continuing to find meaning in their lives whether that is giving back, pursuing a passion or learning something new. Listen to Kari, her colleague Susan Martelino, and I talk about the program they use to help older adults find that sense of connection to life and living.

We explore stories and examples, how they have pivoted through the use of online sessions, and the 7 Domains of Wellness.

Kari combined her passion for eldercare and the creative arts by becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist and creative arts therapist working with elders. She brings well over a decade of experience to her role as Director of The Hummingbird Project and co-creator of Joyful Moments: Meaningful Activities to Engage Older Adults. She is a proud advocate for the importance of finding and embracing joy throughout life. She has presented to both professional and public audiences locally and nationally about Quality of Life and Life Enrichment for older and disabled adults, including several presentations for the Alzheimer’s Association, the Aging Life Care Professional Association, and the North American Drama Therapy Association, among others.

You can find our more about the Hummingbird Project here:

You will LOVE their Joyful Moments Activity Cards made specifically for you to use with your loved one:

Check out their YouTube channel here:

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