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Chuck SJ - Am I Even Queer Anymore? - 022
Episode 117th April 2021 • Queers and Co. • Gem Kennedy
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This week, I’m joined by Chuck SJ (pronouns: Chuck or they/them), who is a multidisciplinary artist, often exploring trans and autistic matters through various forms. Chuck has completed five European tours, twelve UK tours, 15 albums and 2 EPs. Chuck is well known for their gripping stage performance, unique guitar skills and brutal honesty.

Join us as we chat about Chuck spending the past year in a cabin in the woods, the constant accommodations autistic folx make for neurotypicals and the burnout that often ensues, whether transness even exists when we are alone, our changing relationships with our bodies, life after lockdown and so much more! Plus Chuck shares their poem Am I Even Queer Anymore?

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Chuck has a piece published in the upcoming Creating in Crisis anthology from Polari Press. Pre-order now!

Chuck recommends Brighton Cello

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