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The Cost of Conformity
Episode 7420th March 2024 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode74: The Cost of Conformity


Today my special guest is Carrie Jeroslow.

Best-selling author and Relationship Diversity Advocate, Carrie Jeroslow, is passionate about bringing intentionality into intimate relationships by releasing the programming of what we’re taught relationships SHOULD be and shifting to what we really WANT them to be.

Her podcast, Relationship Diversity Podcast, aims to explore, question, and celebrate all aspects of relationship structure diversity This is an inclusive space, giving people the permission to design their unique relationships from the knowledge and acceptance of their unique selves.

She has been seen on NBC, PBS, The CW, featured in, Winston Salem Journal, Prevention and Newsweek, and has been interviewed by Marianne Williamson, Go All In TV, The ListTV, and many others to share her message, as well as her first book, Why Do They Always Break Up with Me?

Just from reading her Bio you can see that we are so aligned in our missions. Today we talk about preserving our energy, people pleasing and the dangers of conformity. Why is it dangerous to conform? Isn't it important to belong and make sure that we are following the rules?

Our society is built on certain rules to follow when it comes to relationships and sexuality. Many of us have been taught to follow these rules with no regard to our own intuition or discomfort. We are not taught to ask ourselves what we would like, what we enjoy, what our needs are, etc... We are taught to put our heads down, hustle, do what you are told and conform so that everybody can get along and so that society can be easier to manage. The thing is, many people are living out a program that does fit them or even meet their needs. We have an epidemic of mental health issues and dissatisfaction. Past generations were not taugh about the correlation between our physical and mental health with the joy in our lives.

We are told that marriage to one person forever is the only way to live "Happily Ever After." However, this is false. Very few people actually have healthy marriages and relationships. There is so much infidelity and we are taught that sexuality is shameful and desiring it is even worse. Is it any wonder that we are suffering to be authentic in our world?

There is a serious cost to conformity even if you don't realize it.

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Love, Karine

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