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With five generations in the workforce, how can companies embrace their differences to remain competitive?
Episode 726th June 2024 • ESG Unlocked • ISS-Corporate
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In the exciting second season finale of ESG Unlocked, we are delighted to introduce a dynamic panel of experts representing three generations. They share their insights, experiences researching, and perspectives working within a workforce spanning five generations. Hosted by Pamela Mutumwa, our esteemed guests include Dr. Joanna Massey, a Board Chair, Director and Management Consultant; Mary Ainsworth, Chief People Officer at Blackline; and Riley Alvis, an Account Executive at ISS-Corporate. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, delving into the challenges, opportunities, and benefits of a diverse age range in the workplace. Tune in as they share their varying generational experiences and explore how companies can embrace these differences to foster a safe, sustainable, and successful work environment.

Host: Pamela Mutumwa

Guests: Dr. Joanna Massey, Mary Ainsworth, Riley Alvis



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