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Trailer24th January 2022 • Standout Medical Careers • Anita Fletcher
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Welcome to Standout Medical Careers. This is the podcast that shares fascinating stories and insights about the career journey of doctors.  

I’m the host Anita Fletcher, founder of Standout Medical Careers where we support doctors to successfully seek out and navigate career opportunities. In short, it’s my job every day to help doctors to grow their career.

This podcast releases on the last Friday of every month, with 20 minute episodes featuring stories from doctors in all medical specialty areas and career stages as well as actionable takeaways from every single session.

Each month I will interview doctors and, occasionally, others working in  the healthcare sector.

You can find this podcast in any podcast app including Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts and Amazon. 

And if you’d like to subscribe, you can do so at

Video recordings of these interviews are available on the Standout Medical Careers YouTube channel.  

Fulfilment in Medicine and beyond. This is Standout Medical Careers.



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