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How Does Match Make Dating Easier?
Episode 125th April 2022 • The Science of Change • SetSail X StudioPod Media
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What are the most common mistakes people make looking for love online - and how do apps try to solve them? In this episode, host Kristen Berman talks with Jin Chua and Matt Gray, a pair of product leaders working at Match, one of the largest dating platforms in the US. They both share fundamental product design decisions to increase engagement between users, as well as the company’s philosophy on attraction and the hard work from their team of dating experts giving super useful insight. Listen and discover the science behind opening the conversation by just being yourself!

Jump straight into:

(01:09) - Profile Engineering: How does Match’s team of dating experts know the type of information that increases feelings of connection between strangers?

(07:57) - Getting Started: The platform’s onboarding process and the need for interaction to achieve a sense of compatibility.

(16:37) - Overcoming the ‘shopping mindset': The most common mistakes that people make when looking for a match.

(22:23) - The ‘Ghostbuster’ feature: Fundamental product design decisions to increase engagement with messaging and gender differences in the dating world.

(28:30) - The 37% rules, opening line alternatives, and features that make it easier to decide if it’s better to keep meeting new people or settle down.

(34:28) - Addressing the adoption rate of video calls inside the app and how dating apps will work in the future.

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