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What's the meaning of life and what's our consciousness? w/ Mark Gober
Episode 10417th June 2021 • Empowerment Solutions With Dr. Friedemann • Dr. Friedemann
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Do you ever wonder about the purpose of your life and what you are here for? 

Most of us don’t take the time to contemplate such philosophical head-scratchers - until we are forced to, which happened to me when I woke up at 2AM with horrible abdominal pain.

After being rushed to the ER, it turned out to be a relatively minor gallbladder issue, but it felt like my system was giving me a solid knock to make me notice that lately, I may not have been caring for myself.

It also gave me another wake-up call for evaluating my purpose and whether I am living in alignment with it.

Fittingly, my guest this week on my Get Real podcast has written two books on consciousness and the meaning of life. Author Mark Gober 's worldview was turned upside down in late 2016 when he was exposed to world-changing science.

Mark says, "I argue that the brain acts more like a filtering mechanism that restricts, limits, and processes a consciousness that exists independently of the body. Consciousness doesn’t need a brain to be conscious. Rather, the brain gets in the way like a blindfold; it is the lens that governs the type of consciousness we experience." 👉 READ MORE ABOUT THIS EPISODE.

2:40 - The perceived anomalies of reality 4:59 - Why the brain may not be the creator of consciousness 8:37 - If the greater consciousness exists, why does it not teach us all we need to know 11:04 - Evidence of reincarnation 16:55 - How forgetting tests our higher consciousness 20:01 - How do we have an awakening? 28:14 - What do we hope to achieve through our awakening? 32:46 - What are the steps to take for inner growth?




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