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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 54, 5th April 2020
Trusting the Universe Has a Ripple Effect

Trusting the Universe Has a Ripple Effect

What would you do if your best friend was dying and, as one of their last requests, asked you to learn how to speak to people who have passed to the other side? Well, that's exactly what our guest, Julie Vinson was asked to do.  

In 2011, Julie’s dear friend, Patricia Mowry, passed away. But before she did, she told Julie that she wanted her to learn how to speak to her on the other side. So in essence, become a medium. At this time in Julie’s life she was about as far away from the woo-woo as you can get.

But Julie trusted the Divine Breadcrumb she received from Patty and what transpired over the last few years is nothing short of miraculous. 

Today Julie is owner and founder of Dragonflies and Amber, a community that brings together healers, mediums and other light workers to teach, heal and enlighten. Dragonflies and Amber is a magical place, and is more like a living entity which is growing and shifting every day.  

Join Deb and Carol as they listen to Julie's story, including severe health issues and her search to heal herself, as well as how she created a healing space that's 100% Divinely inspired. 

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