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How to be a SUPJunkie - With Sarah Thornely
Episode 722nd August 2021 • SUPfm The International Stand Up Paddle Board Podcast • Simon Hutchinson
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This week we're chatting with Sarah Thornely of SUPJunkie.

Sarah is a confirmed SUP Junkie and having discovered the sport late, threw herself into it, first by winning the British Women's Championship in 2017 at the age of 58 (NB - Not the age category championship) and then by providing streaming commentary and athlete interviews for UK, APP and International events as well as writing for SUP journals and Magazines (all without any previous media experience).

Sarah encapsulates the 'Aloha Spirit' within the sport, with her support for those supporting others and for the GB Racing Series and brings her incredible and infectious enthusiasm to this interview.

We hope you enjoy this episode

The SUPJunkie website is is here ;

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