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2022 and 11/12-ths | The Learner's Digest # 9
Episode 120th December 2022 • Business Games • Business Games Ltd
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Hello there, Fellow Learner—and Welcome to!

Learner's Digest edition of Business Games, an educational series where we help you improve your strategic and critical thinking, make sense of the world and make better decisions under uncertainty.

This is episode "2022 and 11/12-ths".

I wish 2022 were better, but it's not.

Which, in a way, only underscores the importance of strategic thinking, good decision-making under uncertainty, interpreting weak signals, and everything else we've discussed to date on Business Games.

In a minute, there'll be an explanation for my hiatus.

But first, housekeeping…

  1. New Pricing
  2. Wrapped Up Experimental Season
  3. Hiatus Explanation
  4. Next Steps