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18: Privacy in B2B Marketing: Best Practices for Building Customer Trust - with Jodi Daniels, Founder & CEO of Red Clover Advisors
Episode 1821st June 2023 • Women in B2B Marketing • Podcast Host: Jane Serra, 15+ years in B2B marketing across all industries from SaaS to Marketing Agencies and International Outsourcing.
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In this episode of the Women in B2B Marketing show, host Jane Serra speaks with Jodi Daniels, Founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors, about the importance of privacy for both B2B and B2C marketers.

Jodi emphasizes the need for accurate data collection, data hygiene, and transparent communication with customers. She also discusses the impact of recent privacy laws on B2B and B2C marketers and predicts that more states will pass privacy legislation in the future.

Jane and Jodi discuss:

  • Differences between privacy concerns for B2B and B2C marketers
  • The Impact of Recent Laws on Cookies and Data Collection
  • Tips for exporting and importing data
  • Common mistakes in cookie banners and privacy notices
  • The importance of building trust with customers before collecting data
  • Risks of using AI in relation to privacy
  • Which tools to leverage - and which to avoid - when it comes to privacy
  • What companies are doing privacy right

Tune in to learn how to build trust with customers through solid privacy practices and avoid costly privacy breaches.

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