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13 - Telling Your Story with StoryMiners' Mike Wittenstein
9th April 2021 • Thought Leaders To Watch • Cathryn Mora
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Your host, Starlett Henderson, talks with Mike Wittenstein of StoryMiners on how to create the next idea through stories and how that can turn into impact and profit.

"We help leaders turn their ideas into first revenue. We live in a world right now where everything is changing. It all starts with customers because COVID is upset their lives. They buy different things in different ways in business, they have different needs for services. So the companies that supply them or that want to supply them need new ideas. And they need to work differently in order to create the value that the customers want. So that continuum of what's the next idea that I need to do and how do I push it through my company so that it makes a difference for customers? That's what we do at story miners."