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Gershon Kreimer: Photographer + 2020 Not Real Art Grant Winner
Episode 881st September 2020 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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We are back from our summer hiatus, excited about what the fall has in store. So much has happened this year, and our shows are going to reflect this because artists have an important role in getting messages out there. We do not want to be tone-deaf, so we will not be shying away from issues like politics and Black Lives Matter. We share what we have been working on during our break, including our artist education program and our membership offering. While Man One is out on assignment, Sourdough is holding down the fort and welcomes 2020 NRA Grant Recipient, photographer, Gershon Kreimer, today. With an educational background in film, Gershon transitioned to photography, where his sculptural, layered photographs have gained recognition and acclaim. We discuss the nature of his work, and why he is driven by making his photographs as universal as possible. He shares some of the breakthrough moments that have enabled him to find his voice. Growing up in Lima, Peru shaped who Gershon is, and we hear more about his appreciation of democracy and justice. The pandemic has affected everyone considerably, and Gershon talks about how he's taken the time to revisit old work. Along with this, we explore the struggles of the art business and some of the difficult lessons Gershon has learned, his mental health challenges, and ways he stays grounded, and his schooling in Peru. We round off the conversation with both Gershon and Sourdough making a call for everyone to participate in this election and vote out the powers that be. As likely the most important election of most of our lifetimes, we cannot afford to idly sit by. So, educate yourself, make sure you register and get those votes in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear more about some of the latest offerings from Not Real Art.
  • This is the most consequential election in our history, so register in time to vote!
  • The story of how Gershon’s family ended up in Peru and his experience growing up in Lima.
  • Why Gershon has aimed to make his work as neutral and transcendental as possible.
  • Gershon’s journey of finding universality in his work and his breakthrough moment.
  • How Gershon approaches directing his models and how he gets the desired reaction.
  • What Gershon means when he says he ‘tries to avoid photography.’
  • How the pandemic has affected Gershon’s creative process.
  • Gershon’s experience with one of his teachers, Boris Frumin.
  • Some of the hard lessons Gershon has learned about the business side of art.
  • How Gershon tackles the business-related tasks of being an artist.
  • Gershon’s model recruitment process and how he uses Instagram to find people.
  • Hear more about Gershon’s struggles with depression and anxiety and his self-care rituals.
  • Gershon’s schooling experience and why he hated his school.
  • How to find Gershon online, and why he’s become so politically outspoken on his Instagram.

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