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Curator and Collector Relations with Liza Zhurkovskaya
Episode 312th July 2022 • The Artist Business Plan • Superfine Art Fair
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In this episode of the Artist Business Plan we sit down with the Curator on the Go, Liza Zhurkovskaya, to learn more about maintaining the best image between artists and their curators and collectors. Learn about using unique spaces and what your audience wants when you tune into this lovely episode.

Guest: Liza, known better as the Curator on the Go, is a Toronto-based Art Curator & Art Advisor. For more than seven years, Liza has worked directly with clients to help them buy and commission art and has brought hundreds of artworks to the public eye. In 2020, she started Kefi Art Gallery to contribute to Toronto culture and help people surround themselves with the beauty of art during the pandemic lockdowns.

She is known as a community leader and is passionate about helping people make a living through their creative work. She has been working directly with artists and has helped them thrive in the industry through media opportunities, exhibitions, and business advice. Liza also produces Curator on the Go Podcast as a platform for creatives to share their stories and learn from each other.

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Hosted and Executive Produced by James Miille and Alexander Mitow

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Written by: Joshua Guicherit, Alexander Mitow, and James Miille

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