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Trailer29th June 2022 • 100 Days and Beyond • Dudley Peacock
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Welcome to 100 Days and Beyond Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to post merger or post-acquisition integrations that part of the merger and acquisition process or M and a as people like to call it that part of the M and a process where the dealers done, the parties have negotiated, and it's actually starting to be day.

why did we create this podcast?

In the world we live today, it's never been easier to go online and get information regarding any subject, but therein lies. The problem information today is everywhere, but there are very few insights.

This podcast was created to get the real stories, good and bad, the real expertise to help all parties involved in M and a to achieve stunning integrations. Not only can you listen to the real life experience of top M and a experts, but you can also have the option to contact them, to know who you can deal with long before you even speak to them and see what it takes to become an M and a integration practitioner specialist, or to get the services of one.

So click on the button, subscribe to our channel. And listen weekly as we interview experts, as we build more and more episodes around this fascinating topic, taking different points of view, taking points of view from those being acquired through to those that are unskilled or skilled, or have become skilled through just sheer force and determination to be able to turn.