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How You Can Positively Challenge Yourself with Inge Boubez
Episode 1113th June 2024 • The SEO Mindset Podcast • Sarah & Tazmin
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We're delving into the transformative power of positive challenges. In this week's episode, Sarah and Inge discuss daring to step beyond our comfort zones, setting ambitious goals, and pushing our boundaries in a healthy way. We explore why challenging yourself is crucial for personal development and career growth, share inspiring stories, and offer practical tips for embracing challenges. Let's dive in and unlock your potential one challenge at a time!

About Inge:

As the Director of Enterprise Marketing at STAT, powered by Moz, Inge leads their strategic efforts in demand generation and lead conversion, customer retention and development, and brand awareness. She has been recognized as the 'Most Valuable Boss', Inge brings over two decades of rich tech industry experience, leading with empathy and a deep commitment to team success. Her journey spans dynamic startups to global tech giants, where she's significantly contributed in various marketing roles, blending technical acumen with business insights.

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