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Exploring Leadership Coaching with Leah Roe
Episode 1214th May 2024 • Make Business Personal • Kiley Peters
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In this episode of Make Business Personal, Leah Roe, founder of The Perk, a premier leadership and team coaching, training, and development studio discusses the key aspects of effective leadership and provides insights for entrepreneurs on leading their businesses. The conversation covers topics such as the importance of vision and culture in leadership and building trust within teams and organizations.

  • Leadership content covered in The Accelerator program 1:27
  • The top three things entrepreneurs need to know about properly leading a team 4:37
  • One action you want all listeners to take right now in their entrepreneurial journey 8:29
  • One bonus business tip about succeeding in entrepreneurship 11:50


  • “We need to simplify leadership in order to amplify it.” 1:52
  • “The number one thing to remember is that your job as a leader is vision and culture. And that, even if you are a solopreneur working with a client, you are still a leader with that client.” 4:46
  • “Make sure people feel seen, heard, and valued. You need to eliminate distractions. You need to put your phone down. You need to turn off your notifications when you're meeting with somebody, whether an employee or a client. If you can give them your full attention, if you can be present with them, then you actually can listen to them.” 6:59

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