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Mike Lee - Founder of Mindshift Labs & Thrive3 - Episode 349
Episode 34920th August 2020 • Hoop Heads • Hoop Heads Podcast Network
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Mike Lee is the founder of both Mindshift Labs & Thrive 3 Bridging his background in basketball leadership and performance — training some of basketball’s 1% — with mindfulness and emotional intelligence, Mike helps high-performing leaders master the psychology needed to lead and perform in a 2020 world.

Through his experience building an international basketball brand from his college apartment, and growing it while beating the heroin-like withdrawal symptoms of pharmaceutical medication, Mike understands the challenges leaders face.

Drawing on the latest research from neuroscience, basketball and personal experience, he’s shared stories and practical exercises — across the United States, Indonesia and Spain — to help people find their own inner power and poise to thrive in business and life.

He is the founder of Thrive3, a basketball training company that “creates game-changing experiences that crossover from the court to life”. At Thrive3 he’s worked at Academies or individual development sessions with players like NBA MVP Stephen Curry, All-Star Joel Embiid and Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon. Mike is also the author of the internationally sold book, UN/TRAIN.

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Get ready to improve your mindset and grow as a leader as you listen to this episode with Mike Lee from Mindshift Labs.

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