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Closing Arguments - Episode 13 (Juvenile Law in Indiana)
Episode 117th July 2023 • Closing Arguments • John Razumich
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Welcome back to Closing Arguments!

We're back for an all-new season of the show and we're kicking things off with a deep dive into the juvenile law system in Indiana. Join us as we explore the challenges, triumphs, and ongoing debates surrounding the juvenile justice system, with a particular focus on the Hoosier State.

To kick off the episode, we lay the foundation by examining the historical development of Juvenile Law in Indiana. We explore the origins of the system and the intentions behind its establishment. As we uncover the key milestones and influential court cases that shaped Indiana's approach, we also assess the evolution of juvenile justice practices over time.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:40 - What is Juvenile Law?

3:06 - The brith of a separate law system between an adult and a juvenile

5:20 - Where the idea of treating adults and kids differently came from

7:58 - The defense of infancy and where it resides within juvenile law

11:20 - How juvenile law differs from adult law in the State of Indiana

15:52 - Juvenile proceedings have differing rights from adult proceedings

20:02 - Can a juvenile be charged as an adult in the State of Indiana

25:50 - Being arrested as an adult for a crime that happened when you were a juvenile

29:16 - The long-term ramifications of a juvenile convicted of a crime

34:50 - How you can get in touch with John and his team

36:15 - Closing remarks

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