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#350: Airline Loyalty Program Valuations with Evert de Boer
Episode 3508th March 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today's episode discusses the valuations, challenges, risks and opportunities of airline loyalty programs around the world.

Our guest is Evert de Boer, whose firm "On Point Loyalty" specializes in offering consulting, capital and insights to the airline loyalty industry.

On Point Loyalty produces a report every 3 years detailing its estimates of the valuations of over 100 airline loyalty programs around the world.

Listen to this episodes to learn Evert’s insights on the reasons that airline loyalty programs in various markets have either increased in value (and quite dramatically in the case of Delta Skymiles) or in other markets, they have decreased in value.

Hosted by Paula Thomas

Show Notes:

1) Evert de Boer

2) On Point Loyalty

3) Fidivio

4) Report: Top 100 Most Valuable Airline Loyalty Programs





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