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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 28, 26th February 2021
Product Marketing Life | Sean Zinsmeister
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Product Marketing Life | Sean Zinsmeister

This week on Product Marketing Life we were joined by Sean Zinsmeister, VP of Product Marketing at ThoughtSpot to discuss creating world-class messaging. Sean shared his views on how to create messaging that truly resonates, how often to optimize, and signs that might indicate it’s time to overhaul, plus heaps more invaluable insights on the subject.


I feel like every day is a culmination of papercuts, right? I think I make a lot of little mistakes every single day. It really depends on what does a big mistake look like? I think it's how much permission do you have to be bold? And what does being bold mean for you? Does it mean being more aggressive with your competitors? Does it mean taking a bigger stance? Is it just chest-beating? Or is there actually something that you can use for such bravado?