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04. Clubhouse Room: Mini-Sessions Q&A
Episode 424th February 2021 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Earlier this week, I hosted a Clubhouse call all about... you guessed it, mini-sessions! My students call me the Mini-Session Queen, which I just adore. And I LOVE being able to drop some knowledge for other photographers who are thinking about diving into mini-sessions. This Clubhouse Mini-Sessions Q & A was a chance for my students and other photographers to ask anything they wanted about mini-sessions.

If you aren't familiar with Clubhouse, basically it's a new social platform that's like a giant zoom call with audio only. People hop into “rooms” and either engage in conversation or just listen to the conversation happening. Right now it's only available for iPhone users, and is by invitation only. Needless to say, it's not easy to get into a room! I knew I wanted to be able to share our conversation with everyone that ISN'T on Clubhouse, so we recorded this especially for YOU!!


Mini-Sessions Q & A

Make sure you listen to the Business Journey Podcast episode to hear all of the questions and answers... there were some really great ones! As you probably know, I 100% believe in the power of mini-sessions. I completely believe that you can build a profitable and sustainable business with them. Or, use them to supplement your income during slower seasons. Whatever your reason is to start planning mini-sessions, I hope this Q & A inspires you!

And if you're not sold yet on mini-sessions, make sure you check out my recent podcast episodes about Mini-Session Misconceptions. Trust me, this is a good one if you're hearing any of the lies in our industry about mini-sessions! I've also got some great tips to start planning for your spring mini-sessions, too!


Looking for more help?

Don't forget! I'm hosting a FREE class all about mini sessions on February 24th and 25th. You can sign up here and if you can’t attend live, that’s okay. Sign up anyway and get a replay!


Topics We Covered:

Free mini-sessions class coming up on 2/24 and 2/25 (3:23)

Should I market as Mommy & Me Minis or open it up to Spring Mini-Sessions? (4:52)

How should I price my full sessions so that my mini-sessions prices make sense? (8:24)

Does Cloudspot let you limit the number of downloads in the gallery? (11:12)

If you're on the fence about Rebecca's Profitable Mini-Sessions Course 2.0... (13:24)

What types of shots to you capture in a Mommy & Me Mini to get a full gallery of images? (14:06)

Do you get photos of just the kids during a Mommy & Me, too? (17:18)

When should I start advertising my mini-sessions? (17:50)

Do you market your minis on social media first, or to an email list? (19:50)

What should I do if my local Facebook Mom Groups don't allow advertising? (23:00)

Is it possible to start a photography business with mini-sessions? (27:40)

Where can I find affordable props? (28:15)

How do you remain consistent when minis aren't booking? (28:53)


Links Mentioned in the episode:

+Free Mini Session Class February 24 & 25

+50% off Flodesk (email system)

+ Mini-Sessions Playbook

+ Complete Family Posing System