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Alternative Meat: Is there a perfect plant-based burger?
20th July 2021 • SupplySide Stories • SupplySide Stories
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There are many reasons why consumers today are choosing to reduce meat consumption, or shift their purchases in the direction of plant-forward foods. But even so, many will remain reluctant to make change to meat alternatives if the taste and texture doesn't appeal to their expectations. All the good intentions in the world by a brand-holder won't take a product far in market penetration if customers aren't satisfied enough with their offerings to purchase repeatedly. 

Solving the peculiar taste and texture formulation challenges for alternative meats requires both a keen understanding of your customer, and the technical know-how to execute a winning product.

Our latest SupplySide Stories podcast with alternative meat and plant-based product development expert Mark Fahlin aims to help you get you to your innovation goals more effectively.