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Forever in Flow - Eli Adelson EPISODE 4, 31st August 2020
The Truth About Flow - 04
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The Truth About Flow - 04

In this in-depth interview with David Adelson (business partner/father) we dive deep down to reveal the truth about flow, about the levels of complexities involved and it’s true origin. 

David was told to “just have fun” when he launched his business. He placed a 3-line, $5 a week ad in the local Shopper’s Guide of a small town in western Massachusetts then spent his time hanging out with horses and friends, only answering the phone when it rang. One year later, he had clients in the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Canada, California, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, and more, earning over $90,000 that year— and never “worked” more than 20 hours/week.

His Master’s degree Advisors thought he should be a stand-up comic. Instead, he remained a lifelong healer, author, meditation teacher and developer, creating 700+ products and programs founded in consciousness and wholeness. He spent decades studying Quantum Physics, consciousness, Unified Field Theory, and the best water balloon weapons (Zuru Bunch O Balloons). He believes in “light-switch” solutions: rather than fight the dark, just flip the light witch and the darkness goes. Every one of his programs in completely effortless and simple - and they’ve helped millions whether they know it or now.

Host Bio

As Co-Owner of Peace and Harmony Co. (P&H Co.), Eli Adelson built it up to a high six-figure business while traveling the world (24+ countries), living abroad in Europe and Asia, and finishing a degree from UMass while in Thailand. While not everything works out perfectly, he lives a life most people dream of. Now he’s passionately helping others live in “flow” — when things work out in your favor effortlessly — so they experience more synchronicity, more success, more joy, more often, in both business and life. 

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