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Hit the Reset Button, Redirect and Stay Present in the Moment - Ep. 10
Episode 103rd March 2021 • Flourish and Grow to CEO • Pam Ivey & Jane Garee
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Most entrepreneurs are so result-driven that it is easy for them to lose sight of living in the present and enjoy what they have or simply letting go of things that they are not enjoying nor are serving them anymore. 

In this episode, Pam and Jane share some anecdotes from the 2004 crash and what they learn from those hard times. Jane talks about the importance of seeing life choices as redirecting and Pam brings some mindfulness tips to help you hit that reset button and enjoy your journey to flourish and grow to CEO.

In today’s episode we discuss:  

  1. [01:53] When it is time to hit the reset button? Making peace with your result-oriented personality as an entrepreneur and realizing something is not serving you.
  2. [10:07] How to deal with rejection as a business owner. Seeing rejection as redirection.
  3. [14:27] Learning to enjoy the journey of becoming a CEO and not just the destination. 
  4. [18:13] Tips on mindful meditation to start your day and concentrate on staying in the moment.
  5. [23:37] Benefits of journaling. Jane shares her favorite method by Julia Cameron
  6. [25:49] Why visualizing your day puts you on the right note to go to sleep and start your next day 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way  — Jane shares some wisdom from this book, great reading for all creative souls out there. You can also find more about it on her website:

Thank you for listening to this episode of Flourish and Grow to CEO! We hope you’ve gotten some useful tips on mindfulness to hit that reset button and live in the present to actually enjoy this amazing journey that is becoming a CEO. We would love to hear if you’ve tried any of this and how have they worked for you, leave a comment on our website!

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