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BN 8: A Global Truth & Reconciliation Process with Amanda Joy Ravenhill
Episode 820th July 2020 • The Boldly Now Show • Now
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According to Amanda Joy Ravenhill’s reading, almost all past collapsed civilizations had two things in common:

1. Natural resources weren’t respected

2. Radical wealth inequality happened right before collapse.

As Amanda sees it, the signs are here and humanity needs to take a 180 degree turn, NOW.

“We’re so on the edge, I don’t think incremental change will be much different than the worst case scenario.”

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Amanda Joy Ravenhill is Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, which is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of strategies that radically regenerate Earth’s ecosystems. She previously held the role of Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Drawdown, the comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. She is an advisor to The Mushroom Farm and on the board of Islesford Boatworks and Regen.Network Foundation.She is an active member of the international community focused on addressing imminent global challenges and welcomes you to join her in weaving the tale of our planet’s regenerative metamorphosis.