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Wai Mānuka's awesome adventure: From the America’s Cup to Tokyo's taste buds
Episode 434th December 2023 • Jandals in Japan • Jayne Nakata & Catherine O'Connell
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Joe Harawira is co-founder of Wai Mānuka, a premium non-alcoholic beverage company. We talk about Wai Mānuka's success in both New Zealand and Japan, their collaborations, and their plans for expansion. Join us as we dive into the world of business relationships, trust, and partnerships in Japan. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How the idea for Wai Mānuka came up at a New Year’s BBQ
  • Taking chances that appear in your path even when you might not be ready
  • Strategic partnerships that match your brand values
  • Joe’s number one gold nugget for brands thinking about exporting to Japan
  • The future of Wai Mānuka and where you can find it in Japan 
  • Catherine and Jayne share their observations on what helps Kiwi brands do well in Japan 

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About Joe

Joe Harawira is a Co-founder and Managing Director at Wai Mānuka, New Zealand’s premium, non-alcholic beverage that was made throughout a global pandemic and launched as an official supplier of the 36th America’s Cup. Since then, Wai Mānuka has expanded across New Zealand and began exporting to Tokyo. The goal for Wai Mānuka is to become an iconic Kiwi brand by celebrating the finest of New Zealand and Māori culture on the world stage.

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Jayne’s Diary: 

Catherine’s Diary: 

Time stamps

00:00 Jandals in Japan with Joe Harawira

05:49 Wai Mānuka becomes an America’s Cup beverage

09:53 The importance of alignment of values

15:41 Expansion to Singapore as a stepping stone to Asia

18:50 The importance of connections and partnerships

24:47 Joe’s number one tip 

28:17 Keys to success

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