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#22 Staycation Special 1: Before and during travel
Episode 2227th July 2022 • Pets at Home Puppy Podcast • Pets at Home
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As the school holidays have officially started and the hot weather shows no sign of abating, we thought it would be a good time to update the staycation tips and tricks we shared with you a couple of years ago. In this first staycation special, our host and editor of My VIP magazine – the customer magazine for Pets at Home – Kate Cornish, talks to Dr Karlien Heyrman, Head of Pets, Pets at Home and Claire North, Director, North K9 Dog Training, about what to think about before you even head out of the front door, getting your puppy used to the car, plus everything that travelling long distances in a car with a puppy can entail. Yes, as ever, our favourite topics of sick and poo do crop up, but they are nicely counterbalanced with tons of ideas for useful products, along with brilliant advice on how to prepare your puppy for their holiday! 

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Bon Voyage!

Host: Kate Cornish

Guests: Claire Gavin, Karlien Heyrman, Claire North

Producer: Sera Berksoy

Editor: Nathan Copelin