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EVM095 How to Transition from Video Producer to Video Strategist
Episode 953rd June 2019 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode, I’m bringing you 2 different interviews with recent founding member students of the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course, my flagship online training program to help video producers become confident online video strategists to help get better results for your clients.

As of the first week of June 2019, the course is open for enrolment once again. So right now until June 7th 2019, you can enrol in the course and start this journey to become a video strategist yourself. As a special listener offer, if you use ENGAGE100 you will get $100 off the full enrolment price for the course.

Link: Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course 

Susan Jimenez is an online video strategist who is also passionate about personal branding and storytelling.  In this episode, Susan shares her story of how the Online Video Strategy Blueprint has helped her position the work that she has done and how it has provided her with the tools, processes and strategies that enabled her to take her work and business to a whole new level.

What is covered in this episode:

  • The story of how Susan came into the world of video and the work that she’s doing with video today.
  • The core of what she does with video.
  • The difference between personal branding businesses versus a small to medium business.
  • How her strategy discussions with clients looked like prior to joining the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course.
  • The interesting topics in the course that made her decide to enrol.
  • How she applied the tactics, ideas and concepts shared in the course to the work she’s doing and how it has changed her approach with her clients.
  • Her future plans for the business.


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Cameron O’Hearn of Sacred Stories serves a very specific niche within the world of video production. He works with Catholic organizations to tell their stories of ministry. The foundation of the work he was doing is heavily based around storytelling which is a very powerful form of communication. But he soon realized that story doesn’t fill out the full video funnel that enables people to move from engagement with emotion to parting with their cash in the form of donations. He shares his interesting story of realization and reinvention in Episode 95 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast.

What is covered in this episode:

  • What got him into the world of video and where he is now in the world of video marketing.
  • How he positioned the value of story in the niche market he was serving.
  • Seeing the shift from simple storytelling to the need for strategy.
  • The reason he joined the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course.
  • Cameron’s experience with a client in using the materials from the course.
  • His future plans for his business.
  • The Strategy First Production Model


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