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Sex and Sarrah Rose - Sarrah Rose EPISODE 41, 20th September 2020
Episode 41: Conscious Cock
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Episode 41: Conscious Cock

Episode 41: Conscious Cock

Most men really want to be having sex, yet so many men feel disconnected from their bodies and partners because their sexual education came from movies and porn, but intimacy can be so much more than that. In this episode of Sex and Sarrah Rose, Sarrah talks with Dominique D’Vita, a registered nurse and tantra coach, whose YesTantra program has helped so many redefine themselves and their intimacy. They cover soulgasms, how powerful tantra can be, the difference between penetration and connection, and the steps to opening yourself to a higher state of consciousness and pleasure. To close out the show, the two play a great round of “Let’s Talk About Sex!” that provides a new way of thinking about sex, porn, and more!

Pleasure is medicine.” - Dominique D’Vita

In This Episode:

- How one partner changed Dominique’s life forever

- The steps to rewire your brain’s relationship to pleasure

- How tantra goes beyond the physical and knows no stereotypes

- How both sexes can let their guard down and embrace their energies

- And, so much more!

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