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Leadership & Change Management Process Starring Debora Edwards
Episode 305th October 2022 • 100 Days and Beyond • Dudley Peacock
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Welcome to another episode of 100 days and beyond. Today we have Debora Edwards with us. She is the chief transformation officer at Illuminet. She is a business & an HR leader passionate about delivering sustainable change in a digital environment.


Debora started her career as HR programme manager with professional services but found herself doing more in the M&A space and working with the technical business. Therefore she moved into the contractor space for many years and worked as a transformation manager with Lloyds Banking Group. Debora has over 20 years of the transformation experience. She also has experience in managing mergers, acquisitions, integrations and divestment.

Building leadership team and change management.

Debora Edwards stated that change management in mergers and acquisitions integrations to bring organisations together is critical. From an HR point of view, she says that pay the individuals, as it is their primary right. Get the plan right and put that in a framework incorporating change in communications. Ensure the individuals and leadership teams feel valued when joining the new organisation. Work with the internal technical teams to identify ways to automate or outsource services to make the business efficient. It will help the business to grow and develop.

The cultural awareness and location of different organisations are fundamental. You must work closely with the internal and leadership teams to understand the culture. And you need to apply a different approach, depending on the location and the culture.

Reviewing and revising business values.

• When businesses plan to merge or acquire another business to move forward, how they approach other organisations and identify opportunities for the individuals' impacts and add value to the business.

• Working with people who are champions and can help you embed the piece of change is another important aspect of adding value.

• Make sure to support the individuals along their journey. Work with the leaders to help them to be successful.

• Change management and communication are the essential parts.

Key takeaways

Some key takeaways shared by Debora Edwards are:

1. Spend some time thinking about what you want the end outcome to look like and the journey you want to follow and identify the pain points that you want to avoid.

2. Planning is a significant part.

3. Work closely with the internal team and bring somebody who can support you.

Tune into the Podcast to know the magnificent experience of Debora Edward.

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