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S2E36: The Brain Behind - Are ILPs Finally Suitable for Your Portfolio?
Episode 364th December 2023 • Providend's Money Wisdom • Providend Ltd
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With the latest changes to investment-linked policies (ILPs), many investors may be contemplating the inclusion of this product in their investment portfolios. This prompted our CEO, Chris, to write his latest article in his The Business Times column, addressing the suitability of ILPs for your investment strategy.

In this week's Money Wisdom episode, Chris expounds on the four pillars of our investment philosophy - economic contribution, empirical observation, implementation, and practical considerations – and explains how we use these to determine whether to include ILPs in our portfolio for clients.

You can refer to The Business Times article here:

Meanwhile, stay tuned for our next episode where we'll discuss the pros and cons of investing in equities versus properties!

The host, Isaac Ong, is Associate Adviser at Providend, Singapore’s First Fee-Only Wealth Advisory Firm.

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