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The Productivityist Podcast - Mike Vardy EPISODE 252, 10th July 2019
Getting Video Done with Owen Video
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Getting Video Done with Owen Video

On this podcast episode, I spent time with Owen Video. Owen creates Livestream and YouTube strategies for brands including show concept, talent, and marketing strategy. His clients' shows have been recognized as best in class – and with Owen, they continue to push the limit in discovering what’s possible with online video. Owen started the Video Marketing School so that business owners could learn how to generate sales with video.

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It all started going door-to-door. In 2010, the business community hadn't even heard of YouTube and the opportunity to reach a marketplace through social media. This is where Owen’s online education began - knocking on doors to offer business video marketing for $20. In one day, he had done 17 videos and he knew he was on to something. Before long, many of these companies were asking for help with websites, social media, and lead generation. So Owen took the money he was making and invested heavily into online marketing courses, coaching, books, events, and trainings, that would grow his skills and turn him into the masterful marketing machine that he is today. This was also the time that Owen was creating viral videos. He wrote and produced a series of short films for use in Christian media. Specifically, sermon illustrations, home study videos, and apologetic resources. Many of those videos went viral and some have been purchased for use all over the US. Owen still earn royalties on those films to this day. 

Specifics that we covered on the show include:

  • What propelled Owen Video to dive into the video space? (03:15)
  • The journey of producing YouTube videos before as compared to now (8:06)
  • Getting the process in place for someone who wants to create a video (17:06)
  • How does one get away from the allure of doing a podcast, blog, video, etc. all at the same time? (24:06)
  • What did facing cancer teach Owen? (33:55)
  • On scheduling using a calendar and time management (37:11)
  • How to get started making or creating videos (49:55)


“We believe in the market leader approach. Video is just video unless you are trying to be a market leader and that is what we want.” ~ Owen Video

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The key takeaway from this episode that productivity, like in many aspects of our work and lives, really does play a role in making videos. Owen knows this and has developed a way to make sure productivity is part of the production process.

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