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We Were Way Off - The Legacy of Iconic Teams in Formula One
Episode 6431st May 2024 • Exhaust Notes: Your New Favorite Formula 1 Podcast • Exhaust Notes - Retrospect Podcasts
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On this episode of the Exhaust Notes F1 Podcast, Nick, Todd, and Rohit, discuss various Formula 1 topics, including the summer break nobody was told about, Charles Leclerc's win in Monaco, the potential of Alpine and McLaren, and the future of Red Bull and Sergio Perez. There is discussion about the lack of merchandise options in Formula One and the potential for apparel partnerships with brands like Nike or Adidas. The conversation ends with a debate about the number of non-Max Verstappen race winners for the rest of the season. The conversation covers various topics including the battle for the constructors' championship, the potential for new winners in Formula One, the future of Adrian Newey, and the appeal of driving for Ferrari. The hosts also discuss the importance of experienced mentors in the sport and the legacy of iconic teams like Ferrari. Overall, the conversation highlights the passion and excitement surrounding Formula One.

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00:00 Charles Leclerc's Victory and the Monaco Race

04:18 Team Apparel and Camera Angles

06:15 Speculation and Analysis: The Future of the Sport

36:15 The Quest for Victory: Predictions and Insights

43:02 Lighthearted Banter and Legacy Discussions

50:56 The Potential Movement of Key Personnel in Formula One

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